Standing for the voice of families, proactive government, and fiscal responsibility.

My Vision

Strategic growth is vitally important for the future of Hernando while we must also maintain the small town charm and excellent schools that bring so many families to this community.

I believe in keeping with the conservative values of the people in Hernando by having fiscal accountability for every tax dollar spent. Our city's infrastructure and public safety are two of the most pressing issues citizens face every day, and I plan to support these department efforts to keep our roads and neighborhoods safe.

The families of Hernando need a proactive voice in the budgeting and operations of our city, and I plan to advocate for the needs of families and children in our city.

Let's rally for the future of Hernando with Ben Piper

About me

Ben and his wife Lindsey met while both were students at the University of Mississippi. They have been married for more than 12 years and the Lord has blessed their lives with three children: Ann Wallin, Reeves, and Ramsey.

They are active members of Life Fellowship Church where they lead couples' Bible studies.

They are also active in the Desoto County Republican Party and volunteer their time with the Krewe of Hernando.

In the past, Ben has had the privilege to serve as President of the Forest Meadows Homeowners Association as well as Treasurer of the Desoto County GOP Executive Committee.

Ben is passionate about Hernando and loves the small town values the city encompasses, which is why he and Lindsey have chosen this great city to start and raise a family.

The Piper children are actively involved in Hernando soccer and baseball where Ben is a volunteer coach. In his spare time, Ben enjoys road trips with family, hunting, fishing, and boating.

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